About Us

Previously known as Billings Long Constructions, Shape Shopfitters have more than 17 years experience in shop fitting, specialising in retail food.

We changed the name to reflect the business we’ve become. We’re more than builders, our expertise means we’ve become partners who work with you to shape your business and your brand at a customer experience level in-store.

We believe that building expertise, attention to detail and an understanding of the complexities of retail food is the starting point. Shaper Shopfitters work with you to create an in-store experience that’s right for you, your staff and your customers.

Shape Shopfitters has fitted retail food brands across every state in Australia. Our knowledge, combined with exceptional attention to detail and successful deliveries, has positioned Shape Shopfitters as a leader in the shopfitting industry.

Shape is a genuine one-stop shop fitting solution. We have the knowledge, experience and our own workshop. The Shape workshop produces signage, joinery and cabinetry with more than 100 qualified tradesmen dedicated to delivering quality shop fit outs against critical deadlines.

Why is all this important for you?

This means Shape Shopfitters has 100% control over quality and 100% control over your shopfitting project ensuring that your grand opening happens on the day you planned and ready to give your customers a true brand experience.